And the Award goes to...

CBOne passed the semi-finals of the Fast Forward Award.

We are finalists!!!


This is the nice piece of News of the summer break. We thank all our supporters who kindly voted for us on the SFG platform!

On September the 11th, a Commission will decide who are the Firms situated in the region of Styria, Austria, to be awarded for their high degree of innovation - and also for their capacity in turning this innovation into a viable product. We are very pleased to be on the (even shorter now) shortlist of nominees.

The MethaNull technology is not a hype, not a fashion, not an object you will ever find declined in the supermarket in red or blue, not a sentence you will ever wear on a T-Shirt, not an add you will ever see on TV. It is related to power burners, incinerators or flares you find in the heavy industry. Said like this it sounds awfully boring... OK OK OK please let me reformulate.


It is related to the air you breathe. A better air.

It is related to a better management of what is left in terms of remaining fuel ressources. Less fuel consumption, more time for the fossil fuel civilisation and more ease towards the energetic transition. 

It is a non-conventional way to burn. 

This is MethaNull, a combustion technology based on finely sound-tuned flames. These are our targets: -15% support fuel consumption in processes involving incineration and  disposal of low heat value gases, -3% fuel consumption in continuous thermal processes. 

So yes, it is important - and it is always sooooo hard to convince that indeed it is important. Again, we are very pleased to see that the message went through. 

We gratefully thank the organisers, the SFG who is one of our kind contributors, as well as the AWS who finances the current R&D for MethaNull under the form of a PreSeed grant. We great all participants.

And we look forward to see who the winner is!


CBOne nominated for the Fast Forward Award

CBOne made it to be selected under the 5 hottest innovations in Styria!

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This is a unique opportunity to show the world that industrial burners are perfectible. Towards less fuel consumption and less pollutant emissions. Towards more flexibility and more safety.

Not only it is possible,

It is important.


200 - 250 Watts

200 to 250W. This is the order of magnitude of the muscular power developped to participate to the relay race called Kleeblattlauf (run of the clover leaf). It is always interesting to compare the ratio between the effort one is able to make during 10 to 15 minutes, and thermal systems running twenty four seven. This ratio is mostly situated between 100 and 1000.

Thermal machines multiply tenfold our strengths, and they need no rest. This is one of the silly thoughts crossing one's damaged mind when running full throat through this crowd, escalating the hill and back, hoping to keep it below 14 minutes. Which everybody did!

The Kleeblattlauf is the last sport event of the academic year, closuring in a festive way what 2013-2014 was. A good year for CBOne.

Congratulation to the participants, and special thanks to Tony Moosbrugger from  Tomo-Tec and Rudolf Schamberger EasyMobiz who were so kind to join the team for this event. See you next year :)

Go East!

CBOne participated to the NexTurbine Conference in Shanghai, 14-16/05/2014.




During this very rich experience, we could discuss about gas turbine combustion technology with our colleagues from China. The lately announced introduction of natural originating from Russia opens new doors towards clean, efficient and powerful thermal systems in China.

-> Link to the conference's portal

-> Pictures of the event

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CBOne at Science Park Graz

The Science Park Graz is an incubator for start-ups issued from the university. It consists in facilities where the start-ups have a working place, and a coaching team with a specific project follow-up and mentoring.



Combustion Bay One is hosted by the Science Park Graz (SPG) since June 2011.

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