Power of Four

CBOne is supporting "Team Brandner", who have been kind enough to wear our colours, and before all who won the final of the Bolyai Mathematics Competition in Budapest on June the 24th! Congratulations!!!


The team, consisting of Viktoria Dietrichsteiner, Milo Giuliani, Alexander Goritschnig and Philipp Kreuzer, comes from the BRG Petersgasse in Graz. The team's achievements include a very good record in the previous editions of the Bolyai. Its individual members have also topped the rankings in the Kanguru competition and the Mathematical Olympiad.


Bluetifuel and MOeBIUS at EnInnov 2022! (Conference articles)

The energy transition has begun and CBOne is actively involved with new technologies!

Our latest updates on Pure Hydrogen Combustion (Bluetifuel project, FFG / ClimaFonds Energy Call 2019 / Contract Nr. 881129 in partnership with P&P Industries AG and FH Joanneum / Aviation) and on Recursive Sequential Combustion (MOeBIUS project, FFG / Take-Off call 2019 / Contract 881041) will be presented. Related conference papers (peer-reviewed) are listed below.

Any questions about these technologies? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2012-22: Ten Years CBOne !

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As time goes by...

On 27 March 2012, a stamp struck the first page of a "new company file" in the Graz company register. After two years of preparation and nine months of incubation, Combustion Bay One e.U. officially existed. It was the end of a paperwork marathon and the beginning of a real adventure!

A few figures. Ten years. Nineteen contributors. Forty publications. Leader of five large research projects, and stand-alone in three of them. Four national patents and one international. Four exclusive technologies..., and counting!

A few funny acronyms that made it: MethaNull, emo(o)tion, rePorT, rePeaT, MOeBIUS, RingOfFire, BLUETIFUEL. And a cemetery of others that didn't: PPPiP, HuRRAA, DARDAVAL, Toxyke, BABYBOLD...

Our steps from the shores of Vancouver to the other side of the world in Shanghai, across the sands of Dubai. 


Everywhere the same simple mission:

to offer better combustion.


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Things we like in combustion

As part of the 10th anniversary of CBOne, we are publishing a few postcards in December to warm up for Christmas! 

These are snapshots we took during our research and development work in the field of combustion, just for your viewing pleasure :)


Part of the Xmas series

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A Future Named Hydrogen

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CBOne's readiness for hydrogen combustion

It took us time to write this title. We needed time indeed to get convinced. We went through the process. We manipulated hydrogen combustion. Now we are sure: hydrogen is the future of combustion. A bright future.

Why did it take us so long?


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