Accreditation as an engineering office

The chamber of commerce and the city commerce council validated on November the 3rd 2011 the accreditation for an Engineering Bureau. We wish to aknowledge both parties for the smooth development.

The category is mechanical engineering, and the speciality is combustion technology.

We can proudly make use of the Austrian engineering stamp.



The specifics of the company are published under the section "CBOne''ID" (top right of your screen).

CBOne at the Graz Marathon 2012: efficient run, no emissions

CBOne took part to the Graz Marathon on the 14.10.2012, which is a nice way to start the academic year.

We would like to congratulate Rémi Paquet for being the fastest member of the CBOne''s team at the Graz City Run. Rémi is a part of CBOne since September 2012.

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Beautiful Machines



According to the latest survey published by the International Energy Agency [IEA, Key World Energy Statistics 2012], combustion processes remain by far the main energy resource. The world’s current annual primary energy supply is estimated with 12.7 Gtoe (16.9 TW). 81% of these are provided by conventional combustion of oil, coal and natural gas. This value is extended to 91% when considering combustion of biomass and waste.

This is what we need for our living standards. This is what is being used by all of our thermal processes. This is what our civilisation depends on.

We need time. Make a better management of the remaining natural resources, and extract more energy out of them for a lower environmental impact. Now. This is advanced combustion management, and the engineering office Combustion Bay One was designed for this.


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MethaNull is Green Light


We proudly announce that CBOne obtained the support of AWS to develop the MethaNull technology. In 2014, the MethaNull burner will become reality.


MethaNull was initiated 2012 with the support of the FFG. The idea is to provide a burner dedicated to tough combustion conditions (particularly low heat content gases), with an excellent combustion rate resulting in a least environmental impact, a lower need for additional fuels, the possibility for energy recuperation and a lower expoitation cost. During MethaNull I, the technology was assessed bit by bit. We got all parts of the puzzle, and we just had to put them together under the form of a demonstrator.

This is what we intend to do during the second phase of the MethaNull programme. MethaNull is supported by the JITU - PreSeed programme of the BMWFJ. All parties who Support MethaNull are gratefully acknowledged.