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Articles and contributions 2016-2017 from CBOne will be written by these people.

Please meet Lukas Pfefferkorn, Georg Mader, Gerhard Kraft, Nina Paulitsch, Fabrice and Alexandre Giuliani.

The Strings of Fire

Combustion Bay One worked together with Meggitt Sensing Systems (MSS) on an Applied Research & Development programme for precision monitoring of gas turbine combustion.

An original methodology for gas turbine combustor characterisation and monitoring was developed, using MSS' instrumentation and CBOne's siren pulsator. Experiments with combustion were performed on CBOne's test bench at FH Joanneum, Graz, Austria. The results are published in a joint article to be presented at the ASME Turbo Expo in Seoul, South Korea, 13-17th of June 2016.

Giuliani F., Reiss H., Stuetz M., Moosbrugger V. and Silbergasser A.
Readings on specific gas turbine flame behaviours using an industrial combustion monitoring system.
Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo 2016: Turbine Technical Conference and Exposition
July 13-17th, 2016, Seoul, South Korea. GT2016-56166

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Watch our new short movie, "One day in the Lab", directed by Lucas Fraunberger!


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MethaNull at EnInnov 2016: same power, 2% less consumption and CO2, 15% less other pollutants

(conference talk)

The COP21 conference in Paris, December 2015, made decisions about keeping the temperature rise below 2 degrees. This implies more sustainable resources and a rationalisation on our use of conventional energies. One option is better combustion technologies.

In 2012, CBOne announced the start of the programme MethaNull. Based on a flexible on-off pulse combustion technology, simultaneous decrease in consumption and in pollutant emissions should be made possible. We worked on this technology demonstrator intensively 2013-2015 with the support of the AWS / PreSeed grant. Today we are proud to announce: it works!


Laboratory testing showed that at the same fuel consumption, MethaNull technology versus conventional provides the following figures: +2% in outlet temperatures were observed, for -15% NOx and -13% CO emissions. Machine warm-up is accelerated with a 1.1 factor. Operation is extended down to 90% fuel consumption of the conventional lean blow out limit.

More at the EnInnov 2016:

Moosbrugger, V.; Giuliani, F.: MethaNull, ein Programm zur Senkung der Methanemissionen in der Atmosphäre. - in: EnInnov 2016, 14. Symposium Energieinnovation 2016 (2016) Symposium Energieinnovation, TU Graz, Austria (presentation Th. 11.02, 14h30, session B3)


MethaNull means less CO2

The project MethaNull II comes to an end when the conference in Paris, the COP21 starts. The quantitative results will be published in June 2016. One thing must be known: our technology allows to extract more heat from a given amount of fuel compared to conventional. Or it is possible to generate the required amount of energy and save fuel, hence produce less CO2 with our technology. Combustion technologies can be improved - and we did it. This is important.


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