MethaNull means less CO2

The project MethaNull II comes to an end when the conference in Paris, the COP21 starts. The quantitative results will be published in June 2016. One thing must be known: our technology allows to extract more heat from a given amount of fuel compared to conventional. Or it is possible to generate the required amount of energy and save fuel, hence produce less CO2 with our technology. Combustion technologies can be improved - and we did it. This is important.



As the logo shows it, the key technology is a precisely pulsed flame that entrains its neighbours in a well-controlled manner. This control involves a very little amount of added energy. At the moment of publication this technology is recommended for intermittent use on industrial burners. 

MethaNull is the research programme at CBOne that was initiated 2012 in order to reduce drastically methane emissions in the atmosphere. It has included so far three projects: SIREN-3G where a new actuator was developped with the support of the FFG (third-generation siren pulsator, 2012), followed by the project PPPIP (Premixed & Precisely Pulsed Injection for augmented combustion Performance) in 2013 where the dimensionning was done towards demonstration, and then MethaNull II from 2013 to November 2015.

At the moment of publication, we make the following statements:

MethaNull III was a demonstration project at laboratory scale, supported financially by the JITU - PreSeed programme of the BMWFJ under guidance of the AWS (Austrian Wirtschaftsservice GmbH). We kindly great our sponsors.

The next step is the validation of these results in an industrial context, and the maturation phase towards permanent actuation. In the future MethaNull could become the new standard  for energy production.