Project crystAIr - towards intelligent combustion

Flame or no flame? That is the question.

This very simple question should quickly find an answer. And an accurate one. Safety, process control, and emissions are at stake.


Hydrogen flame by daylight 

What was verified within tenths of a second with conventional fuels must be done faster with hydrogen. Besides: hydrogen is a flame that can hardly be seen with the naked eye.

In the framework of the FFG / Take-Off 2021 call, Joanneum Research GmbH has launched a project called crystAIr on the use of artificial intelligence to better monitor a flame. Piezocryst GmbH provides the sensors and Combustion Bay One is in charge of the experiments.

We are very pleased and grateful to be involved in this project. crystAIr is also an opportunity for CBOne to better integrate the measurement technique into a new burner made with additive technologies. At CBOne, it follows two previous projects called rePorT and emootion that prepared us for this new challenge.

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