Additive Manufacturing: The New Forge (Turbo Expo 2018)

The freedom of design using Additive Manufacturing (AM) opens the door towards new shapes and new designs. In combustion engineering, this is the opportunity to make better burners.

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CBOne was present at the ASME Turbo Expo in Oslo, Norway, from the 11th to the 15th of June 2018. In collaboration with our colleagues from Joanneum Research GmbH and FH JOanneum in Graz, Austria, we made a study about shape factors for a novel type of swirler.

Giuliani, F., Paulitsch, N., Cozzi, D., Görtler, M. and Andracher, L, 2018.
An assessment on the benefits of additive manufacturing regarding new swirler geometries for gas turbine burners.
In Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo, Lillestrøm, Norway. 

The elegant topic "mathematics to shape" has become reality. An effort is made to rethink from scratch the burner, and make progress in terms of flow management, fuel placement, thermal management, additional instrumentation and global integration. This methodology is applied to the design of the swirler, an important part of the burner. Attention is paid that the functionality, the performance, the integration aspect and possibly the production assets go well beyond of what is achieved by the current design and manufacturing of a state-of-the-art burner.  



Download our presentation, and discuss with us how Additive Manufacturing will shape the next generation of combustion technologies! More details can be found here.