Lecture on Gas Turbine Combustion, TU Graz 2019-20

Welcome to the Students of the winter semester 2019-2020 edition!

This years' edition combines the contents gathered over the last 20 years about experimental combustion and combines with Mrs Farisco's inputs on modeling. 

The take-home message of this lecture is how to build a burner. It might even reconcile you with the notion of fire, and how to use it properly.

The lecture on gas turbine combustion allows you to grasp the complexities of the times: on the one hand, provide a powerful baseload energy with gas turbines that ignores the vicissitudes of nature's natural resources (wind / no wind, day and night, river's calm seasons...), on the other hand - the unique capacity to fly (alternatives like electrification and hydrogen-based propulsion will not be ready in the short term). The impact on the climate change and the management of the remaining ressources will be adressed. An exciting plan of research looking for the best trade-off between safety, power, flexibility and least environmental impact awaits for you.

Welcome, and have a good lecture.