S3R: Safe, Smooth, Smart & Reliable Ignition

If Billy Joel did not make it to start the fire, we did! :)

Ignition is a crucial function in thermal systems. One counts on it when one needs it. This is even more true for set-ups where starts and stops are seldom.

Ignition sequence using the S3R tecnology, applied to the AM burner CBO4

As experts in technical combustion, we happen to have a large experience in ignition. Poor ignition can in the worst case provoke a detonation: the combustor has filled with reactants near the stoichiometry, the energy kernel of the ignition happens to be to high and generates unwillingly a deflagration-to-detonation transition. And boom! And at best the combustor is damaged... This cannot happen. One needs to rely 100% on the ignition, for a smooth and well-controlled start.

In the frame of the emo(o)tion projects, we developed an all-rounder ignition device that connects well with this project because it partly relies on an optical-based flame monitoring. The principle is based on a separated, autonomous premixed flame commanded by a remote central. The device can operate under atmospheric or under elevated pressure conditions. The central can be used for protection, where it prevents the main power source from starting as long as the safe start-up conditions are not reunited, exactly like in a rocket launch sequence.

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