H2 next level: a LARGE fireplace!

CBOne is currently involved in the planning of large-scale hydrogen facilities.

The proposal is to develop a R&D infrastructure with polytechnic capacity to study hydrogen machines operating in the MW range, over long duration tests, as well as their aggregates. These facilities would of course be open to industry and academia, and we would be their key partner in accessing and manipulating them. 

This facility plan was initially conceived to meet the R&D needs of CBOne and friends in H2 technology. The diagram above shows all the steps we have gone through with the research programmes emootion, MOeBIUS, BLUETIFUEL and crystAIr. Each of these projects has improved our knowledge of H2 technologies, while always putting safety first. You can find details of their results by searching for these acronyms on the same site. At the time of writing, we are developing our first high power hydrogen burner.

Many issues need to be addressed to make the H2 economy a reality. One example: ad-hoc H2 mass flowmetry in pipelines is a research topic. We consulted many colleagues working in the same field. We surveyed existing installations. During our initial consultation we were able to identify the needs expressed in the heat, power, process and propulsion sectors. We concluded that the existing facilities are saturated with current research needs and that a new facility is desired. You can still access the survey by clicking on the image and link below.



Following the survey, and taking into account emerging needs and existing facilities, we are focusing on mid-range H2-fueled machines, pure H2 and blends. These same machines will be used to accelerate the energy transition.

The needs of our research and the conviction that hydrogen is a good solution to our energy needs are driving us towards more ambitious installations. The objective is as follows:

  • To organise a test facility with large hydrogen storage capacities on a suitable industrial site, easily accessible by road and rail, with the necessary permits to proceed, and with enough room for future developments. 
  • Have large quantities of pressurised hydrogen available
  • Liquid hydrogen and gasification facilities for high flow rates.
  • A precision metering station (flow measurement and metrology)
  • Test cells for full-scale testing of aggregates and thermal systems.
  • Operate a machine with a rated thermal power of up to 10 MW
  • Be able to operate this machine for functional qualification testing
  • To be able to operate this machine for endurance testing, i.e. at least 50 hours of continuous operation after thermal stabilisation.
  • To have a green hydrogen production capacity on site for demonstration and training purposes. Even if it only covers part of the hydrogen demand.
  • In the long term, to obtain the appropriate certifications based on the tests carried out.

CBOne is offering its services to ensure that all of the above are in place as soon as possible. Please help us make this happen as soon and as smoothly as possible. In order to speed up the realisation of this test centre in the right order, let us know your specific H2 development needs, about your top priorities in this field.  Feel free to contact us, fill in the survey or take advantage of our presence at a conference or meeting to talk with us!