Patent AT519720B1: Combined Optic-Acoustic Compact Probe and method for monitoring combustion processes and/or an ignition process

An advanced sensing system analyses the sound and light emitted by the flame. This device is called RCP probe for "Rayleigh Criterion Probe", or simply the emotion probe in connection to the em(o)otion technologies developed jointly by CBOne and FH Joanneum. This contribution has the patent reference A 50160/2017.

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Ear, see, feel the flame

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The collaborative research project “em(o)otion” was supported financially since 2015 by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) and by the BMVIT (Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology). The project about “Engine health monitoring and refined combustion control based on optical diagnostic techniques embedded in the combustor” was supported by the Austrian grant for applied research in aviation called the “Take-Off” program, contracts 850470 (emotion, 2015–2017) and 861004 (emootion, 2017–2020).