Patent AT522614B1: Method & set-up for a well repeatable injection of fuel and oxidant

The technology protected by this patent was developed within the explorative project ”rePorT” (Instrumented fuel injection ports for advanced monitoring of the injection in the combustor of an aeroengine, contract FFG / Take Off Call 2014 / 850454).  Additional intellectual property tasks were supported by the FFG / Patent.Scheck / Project 870672: rePeat IP (Repeatable injection conditions, IP chapter)

The rePeaT project has three key principles:

  • The first is a technical arrangement for injecting into a turbine burner injector to avoid overheating of the fuel and the resulting clogging of the injection holes and distribute it in a well-repeated manner. It involves the feedback of a given quantity of fuel.
  • The second is a method of fuel flowmetry related to the first idea. It is based on the simultaneous measurement of the pressure and temperature of the fuel in the injector in the return circuit.
  • The third idea is a technical arrangement involving 3D printing, allowing the technical implementation of the two first ideas.

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