Alternative fuels for aviation are clean (conference talk)

Not only replacement fuels for aviation are compatible with low emission combustors: it is recommended to use these together. 

This statement is the synthesis of a literature review combined to the results of the European project called Alfa-Bird. This task was conducted by Jaana Rajamäki from CBOne. Alfa-Bird (2008-2010) was dedicated to alternative fuels for aviation. This study closures our participation to this great project, and our results will be presented at the International Symposium on Air Breathing Engines in South-Korea, September 2013.


Jaana Rajamaeki, Fabrice Giuliani from CBOne
Johannes Fritzer, Franz Heitmeir from TU Graz
About low emission combustion with replacement fuels (Paper review)
ISABE 2013-1333
Busan, South-Korea, Sept. 9-13 2013

The European Research Programme Alfa-Bird took place from 2008 to 2012. The acronym stands for Alternative Fuels and Biofuels for Aircraft Development. It aimed to select promising replacement fuels for aviation and assess them at realistic conditions (technical specifications and requirements, product safety, economical aspect, production feasibility, environmental impact and energy balance from-well-to-wing, compatibility with current aeroengines).

In 2012, while TU Graz together with ONERA Centre de Toulouse was working on the similarities of fuel injection, fuel vaporisation and fuel placement, CBOne took over the  literature review on the compatibility of replacement fuels with low NOx technologies.

The conclusions are that if the studied replacement fuels generate more pollutant emissions at conventional combustion conditions (near stoichiometry), their use is recommended at lean burn conditions (high flame stability at lean conditions, lean blow out limit pushed tower leaner mix, therefore a higher security range) or for RQL burners (less soot when using aromatic-free synthetic fuels).

It shall be noted that the protype fuels were studied at low technology readyness levels, and that finely tuned fuel design can greatly improve the low-pollution performances.

The article presented in Busan delivers a complete overview of this study.

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