Am Puls der Flamme / On the pulse of the flame

Read the new article by Sophie Hanak about the MethaNull technology at CBOne, in the Austrian newspaper Die Presse (published 26.12.2014)


Magere Flammen sind sauberer / Lean flames are clean

19.05.2012  |  Martin Walpot | Die Presse

About the goals of Combustion Bay One, an Austrian start-up for Advanced Combustion Management.  



Die unglaubliche Reise im Energiespar-Flieger / The incredible flight of the power-saving airplane

31. März 2009 | Doris Griesser | Der Standard

About the challenges on fuels for aviation.



Press book, Combustion Bay One

Click here to download the PDF of the press book, with all relevant articles written since 2004. 

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