Combined Optic-Acoustic Monitoring of Combustion in a Gas Turbine (Journal Publication)

A compact, high temperature- and pressure-resistant probe was developed with success in the frame of the FFG / Take Off / emo(o)tion projects. This probe combines acoustic and optical sensors for a better description of the gas turbine combustion, in-situ.

Free-jet study of the CBO4 flame. The RCP probes are situated to the left and to the right of the flame. 

The results of the probe are published in the International Journal of Turbomachinery for Propulsion and Power. The article is open access. The reference is:

Giuliani, F.; Andracher, L.; Moosbrugger, V.; Paulitsch, N.; Hofer, A.
Combined Optic-Acoustic Monitoring of Combustion in a Gas Turbine.
Int. J. Turbomach. Propuls. Power 2020, 5, 15.

Open access:

To this point, we wish to thank the Board of the EVI-GTI Conference for their recommendation for journal publication, as well as the FFG-BMVIT who financed this applied research for propulsion in aviation.

Please also note the that this article combines with a separate journal publication of ours: - Forcing Pulsations by Means of a Siren for Gas Turbine Applications (Journal Publication 2020)