MethaNull means less CO2

The project MethaNull II comes to an end when the conference in Paris, the COP21 starts. The quantitative results will be published in June 2016. One thing must be known: our technology allows to extract more heat from a given amount of fuel compared to conventional. Or it is possible to generate the required amount of energy and save fuel, hence produce less CO2 with our technology. Combustion technologies can be improved - and we did it. This is important.


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Vanessa Moosbrugger wins the Schmiedl Research Prize for MethaNull!

Mrs. Vanessa Moosbrugger gets the Schmiedl Prize from the hands of the Major of the City of Graz, Mr. Siegfried Nagl

Vanessa Moosbrugger was awarded with the Friedrich Schmiedl Research Prize on the 10th of November 2015. We congratulate her for this success!

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Apocalypse Cow

No, this is not a movie by Francis Ford Noppola. This is real.


This sympathetic animal, grazing peacefully somewhere on the green Austrian landscapes, is pointed out by the IPCC [ref: Climate Change 2014] as a significant methane producer. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas. Ranked second after carbon dioxide in terms of emission volume, its warm-up effect over a century would be 28 times worse than CO2, compared by mass.

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And the Award goes to...

CBOne passed the semi-finals of the Fast Forward Award.

We are finalists!!!


This is the nice piece of News of the summer break. We thank all our supporters who kindly voted for us on the SFG platform!

On September the 11th, a Commission will decide who are the Firms situated in the region of Styria, Austria, to be awarded for their high degree of innovation - and also for their capacity in turning this innovation into a viable product. We are very pleased to be on the (even shorter now) shortlist of nominees.

The MethaNull technology is not a hype, not a fashion, not an object you will ever find declined in the supermarket in red or blue, not a sentence you will ever wear on a T-Shirt, not an add you will ever see on TV. It is related to power burners, incinerators or flares you find in the heavy industry. Said like this it sounds awfully boring... OK OK OK please let me reformulate.


It is related to the air you breathe. A better air.

It is related to a better management of what is left in terms of remaining fuel ressources. Less fuel consumption, more time for the fossil fuel civilisation and more ease towards the energetic transition. 

It is a non-conventional way to burn. 

This is MethaNull, a combustion technology based on finely sound-tuned flames. These are our targets: -15% support fuel consumption in processes involving incineration and  disposal of low heat value gases, -3% fuel consumption in continuous thermal processes. 

So yes, it is important - and it is always sooooo hard to convince that indeed it is important. Again, we are very pleased to see that the message went through. 

We gratefully thank the organisers, the SFG who is one of our kind contributors, as well as the AWS who finances the current R&D for MethaNull under the form of a PreSeed grant. We great all participants.

And we look forward to see who the winner is!


CBOne nominated for the Fast Forward Award

CBOne made it to be selected under the 5 hottest innovations in Styria!

Vote for Combustion Bay One e.U. and support our work!

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This is a unique opportunity to show the world that industrial burners are perfectible. Towards less fuel consumption and less pollutant emissions. Towards more flexibility and more safety.

Not only it is possible,

It is important.