2012-22: Ten Years CBOne !

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As time goes by...

On 27 March 2012, a stamp struck the first page of a "new company file" in the Graz company register. After two years of preparation and nine months of incubation, Combustion Bay One e.U. officially existed. It was the end of a paperwork marathon and the beginning of a real adventure!

A few figures. Ten years. Nineteen contributors. Forty publications. Leader of five large research projects, and stand-alone in three of them. Four national patents and one international. Four exclusive technologies..., and counting!

A few funny acronyms that made it: MethaNull, emo(o)tion, rePorT, rePeaT, MOeBIUS, RingOfFire, BLUETIFUEL. And a cemetery of others that didn't: PPPiP, HuRRAA, DARDAVAL, Toxyke, BABYBOLD...

Our steps from the shores of Vancouver to the other side of the world in Shanghai, across the sands of Dubai. 


Everywhere the same simple mission:

to offer better combustion.


For us, 2022 will be a year of progress in hydrogen and other green fuel combustion, as well as in recursive sequential combustion. Of course, as always, we are available to answer any questions you may have about combustion technology.

To our dear Clients:

To the Institutions that grant our research:

To the motivated Students following our lectures:

To Those who made, make and will make CBOne:




Click and see CBOne's 10 years presentation!

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