Vanessa Moosbrugger wins the Schmiedl Research Prize for MethaNull!

Mrs. Vanessa Moosbrugger gets the Schmiedl Prize from the hands of the Major of the City of Graz, Mr. Siegfried Nagl

Vanessa Moosbrugger was awarded with the Friedrich Schmiedl Research Prize on the 10th of November 2015. We congratulate her for this success!

This is the first price in the category "Diploma Thesis". Friedrich Schmiedl was a pioneer rocket designer, who tested the possibility to launch mail with a rocket-powered vessel for ultra-fast postal service. He tested his device from the 1920's to the 1930's in the region of Graz. The price and the foundation under his name are designed to encourage brillant young scientists, young talents to move forward in their art.

And Vanessa is one of the Laureates. She got the prize from the Major of the City, Mr Siegfried Nagl.

Vanessa joined CBOne in the late 2013 after she followed the lecture at FH Joanneum of Fabrice Giuliani. Her topic as a diploma thesis was to design the MethaNull test rig , which she did (picture right). Her subject was called "Low Power Demonstrator for Combustion of Low Heat Value Gases with Pulse Combustion". 

We whish to thank the Major Mr Nagl and his team, the organisers and jury of the prize. We would also like to thank our partners in the MethaNull project, the AWS and the FH Joanneum, Department for Aviation, who made this study possible - and therefore this outcome.

The next you should read from Vanessa Moosbrugger and co-authors will be published at the Energy Conference 2016 (Graz, Austria) and at the ASME Turbo Expo 2016 (Seoul, South Korea).

Bravo Vanessa!


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