Introducing CBOne

Combustion Bay One e.U. is the first engineering platform in Austria designed for Research and Development on advanced combustion management.

CBOne team 2021

Publications & Contributions 2021-2022 are written among others by the following people: Bugra Akin, Andrea Hofer, Nina Paulitsch, Fabrice Giuliani



Combustion Bay One e.U. helps you to reduce effectively the operational costs of your combustion process (e.g reduction of the fuel costs and maintenance costs). Our expertise can also significantly extend the life duration and ameliorate the security aspects of your combustion facilities. We specialise on combustion systems with reduced fuel burn, reduced environmental impact and enlarged combustion range.

Combustion Bay One finds its roots in gas turbine technology for the aeronautical industry and the power generation branch. It extends to any continuous combustion process.





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Combustion Bay One invokes a bay hence a test rig for advanced combustion techniques. With over 15 years of experimentation and modelling in combustion, our know-how and methodology is constantly set to the latest state-of-the-art, and seeks even beyond with R&D on conventional and non-conventional combustion technologies. Our progress in advanced research projects is regularly published in journals and presented at international conferences. Our competence portfolio covers the type of fuel, the burner technology, the combustion chamber, the measurement techniques, the advanced actuation as well as the advanced combustion monitoring.