Solutions for a better combustion

You have the fuel, we have the spark!

Combustion Bay One is an engineering office specialised in advanced combustion management,
 situated in Graz, Austria.


Less fuel consumption, less pollutant emissions, more flexibility, more safety for your thermal facilities.

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From 2004 to 2010, innovative combustion technologies were developed at the Combustion Department for Gas Turbines at TU Graz to perform basic and applied research on advanced combustion management.

Combustion Bay One aims at higher technology readiness levels of these technologies, with a palette of products and services for research and industrial purpose.


Our motto: Do not waste energy. Use it well.



 Palette of services


  • Engineering for combustion facilities
  • Low-emission burner design and construction (gas & liquid fuel)
  • Fuel line + fuel spray technologies
  • Expertise on combustion systems for aeronautics and power
  • Illustration of technologies in scientific articles on combustion, for dissemination in high-impact-factor journals and colloquia
  • Flame diagnostic (sensing & advanced measurement techniques)
  • Flow control (actuation, quasi-static, dynamic)
  • Replacement fuels
  • Safety & Norms


Skills and know-how


  • Project planning
  • Design and construction of prototypes
  • Combustor testing
  • Data Mining
  • Modelling
  • International networking (good visibility in the combustion society)
  • Strong connection to the academic world
  • Strong connection to the industry
  • Literature survey
  • Dissemination


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The name Combustion Bay One highlights the idea of experimental facilities towards a better combustion. In short CBOne. 

Research and Development is our key asset at CBOne. Some call it the Combustion Engineering. Some clients call it our Magic. 

We call it our job. 


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What does advanced combustion management actually mean? 

It is our answer to the problem called quite dramatically the world energy trilemma. We are more and more - our social standards arise - and this costs more and more energy, this is the first problem. Energy means mainly fossil energy, and these resources are less and less - this is the second problem. Combustion means also CO2 emissions and CO2 means climate change, this is the third problem. 

A typical contractor comes to us in the frame of this trilemma. He wants much as much energy as required for as little fuel consumption as possible under as sustainable conditions as possible. His wish is the ideal solution, one could draw it as a point in a triangle, more on the side of the energy and environment peaks. Somewhere on the triangle lies already the standard solution – probably near the fuel costs peak- a solution the contractor is very frustrated with. It is our job to move significantly from the standard solution towards the ideal solution. 

So much for the theory. Now let us speak about real life.


Method: Research and Development 

Quick and dirty solutions are always frustrating. One typical situation is machine X sold to client Y at location Z does not work properly. Despite the fact that machine X was built and tested at headquarters where it worked perfectly! So what's wrong??? Bring this machine to work! Make Y happy!!! Deadline? yesterday!!!!

The typical answer to this is to put Rookie-Joe on the case and wait for a miracle. Dropped in the jungle of stress and bravely fighting for his way out, Rookie-Joe is one of these unknown heroes of modern engineering. Provided he finally succeeds, his quick and dirty solution will work as long as one can rely on Rookie-Joe. Rookie-Joe goes away, trouble comes again. Typical.

Our approach is high-quality R&D. Research and development, with well-structured knowledge management. This means: understand the problem. Catch up quickly with the specifics of the case. Learn from the literature. Talk to specialists. Attack the problem from several angles. Isolate the sensitive parameter. Make a model. Troubleshoot the real case. Document well every step. Make the solution as generic as possible, should the problem repeat itself, or mutate under a "nearly the same but still new" form. Publish if possible, and bring the whole new generation of Rookie-Joes one step further.

Rookie-Joe vs. CBOne? CBOne is faster! CBOne costs less!  => CBOne is simply better.

What are the differences and common features between the typical new recruit (Rookie-Joe) and a researcher at Combustion Bay One? 

Both share a love for technology. Both are motivated, loyal to the contractor and well-decided to solve the problem. Both have probably an engineering degree. Both have a method. Both will claim loud and clear that progress is the result of rationalism, even if they count on good luck to drive their task towards a happy ending. 

What CBOne has and what Rookie-Joe misses is years of experience and a broad panel of solutions. What slows Rookie-Joe down is the tight industrial constraint made up of screws and bolts, deadlines, private relationship to his company, and fear of the trouble coming next. 

CBOne moves better in these waters. It benefits from a large experience gathered with numerous clients of different horizons. This culture gives it the freedom to take distance and face the problem with an innovative state of mind. This is why he might come with totally new ideas while Rookie-Joe tried everything that the book says, and remained stuck.

CBOne masters state-of-the-art experimental research and modeling - with this constant care to confront the model vs. reality. Any problem, any challenge is a chance to move one step further.  

Actually, one does not have to confront Rookie-Joe versus CBOne. The best idea is simply to let Rookie-Joe do what he does best, and bring in CBOne take care of the problem. This synergy will be EFFICIENT, COST-EFFECTIVE, FAST and SUCCESSFUL!

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