CBOne is 12 years old!


On 27 March 2024, CBOne will have been in existence for 12 years, employing people and delivering products and services. It will have been 12 years that it has been, on its scale, an economic engine that runs smoothly.

Every year when we reach this time, I update the staff lists, the number of articles, the number of patents, and the budgets. We mark an anniversary, we're happy to count another year, and we keep score. We set the objectives for the following year, and move on.

Allow me for once not to talk about figures.

If I look back, I marvel at what has been achieved given the conditions that were rather unfavourable to us. It's hard to talk positively about R&D in combustion - but we've managed to establish ourselves. Once again, a big thank you to everyone who works with me. It wouldn't be possible without you.

If I look at the present: our concern is that there are not enough people like us. Let me explain. I have a special course this year at university offered as a free option, it was announced last summer and will take place next summer. It's about mechanical engineering and 3D printing. In short, the idea is to put everything we've learned about this new form of production into one course.  So far I've got ... one student enrolled. And what's more, I happen to know this person personally. When I worked as a researcher at the university 20 years ago, I had 40 students enrolled for a course of this kind. And that number has gone down...

We have a serious problem in the world of mechanical engineering. Nobody wants to learn how to make internal combustion engines any more. Because in 20 years they won't be making them any more. And this inexorable discouragement has emptied the ranks of our loyal students. They've simply gone elsewhere.

It's important to remember that, although thermal machines are set to be reduced, they are still very much in use, and staff are needed to look after them and improve them. Using them less and using them better is also part of the game. But once again, we need people to study them and understand them, or else a whole part of our energy and mobility system will collapse for lack of qualified personnel. It's a societal problem.

In short: you spend hours repairing your bike? Have you been tinkering with your motorbike yourself? Not afraid to put your hands in the engine? Take up mechanical engineering! And if possible, thermodynamics, energetics and fluid mechanics. These are superb areas to study. And the low-carbon society we want to achieve needs them more than ever.

The future. For CBOne, it's hydrogen technologies. That much is clear. There's a lot of work to be done, technically speaking, but little by little it's being put in place. The idea is to develop these technologies to TRL 5+, and therefore to have the resources to do so. That's the direction we're heading in. We're going to grow, and we're going to need help. If you take a look around this site, you might find some ideas that appeal to you. Maybe you'll want to work with us, and if that's the case, don't hesitate to contact us.


Oh yes, I forgot. The people I work with are enthusiastic. And that's great. And it's a real pleasure to work with you. A toast, and back to work :)


Fabrice Giuliani, 23.3.24