A New World !

CBOne was present at the Smart City Expo taking place in New York, from the 7th to the 10th of May. This was the opportunity for us to speak about Green Energy and Energy Efficiency in the New World.

This New World is getting real: the 21rst Century will be seen in History as the time where Mankind decided to initiate decarbonisation. We have learned how to gain our energy from renewables. We consume energy in a more rationalised way.  However, a lot of work needs to be done to manage the transition to the post-fossil era. Therefore we need clever and innovative Engineering. And this is what we offer at CBOne. 

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CBOne's Identity Card




Company name Firma

Combustion Bay One e.U.
(e.U. -> eingetragene Unternehmen)


Commercial register Firmenbuchnummer

FN 373383 v
(Landesgericht Graz)


VAT ID number UID-Nummer



 GISA Number

Gewerbeinformationssystem Austria



Customs' Economic Operators
Identification and Registration
number (EORI - Number)


Legal structure Rechtsform

individual enterprise /


Company domiciled in Sitz

Graz, Austria


Address Geschäftsanschrift

Combustion Bay One / HQ,
Schuetzenhofgasse 22,
8010 Graz, Austria


Branch of business Geschäftszweig

Engineering office (consulting)

in the field of mechanical engineer /
Ingenieurbüros (Beratende Ingenieure)

auf dem Fachgebiet des Maschinenbaus


Speciality Fachbereich

Combustion technology /


Owner Inhaber

Univ.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.-techn.
Fabrice Louis Michel GIULIANI,
born 02.04.1974


Bank details Bankverbindung

Account holder: Combustion Bay one e.U., Schuetzenhofgasse 22, A 8010 Graz
Bank: Steiermaerkische Bank und Sparkassen
Bank address: KommerzCenter, Sparkassenplatz 4, A 8010 Graz
Bank code: 20815
IBAN AT682081500006082267



Dr. Fabrice Giuliani

Head of Combustion Bay One



advanced combustion management



Head Quarters (HQ)

CBOne / HQ,

Schuetzenhofgasse 22-7,

8010 Graz, Austria


Engineering, Research & Development (RD)

CBOne / RD

Ruckerlberggasse 13

8010 Graz, Austria


Opportunity, Prospect, Business Development & Initiative (OP)

CBOne / OP

Ruckerlberggasse 13

8010 Graz, Austria


Phone CBOne:   43 (0)316 22 89 80

Mobile:        43 (0)650 347 16 45

Fax:           43 (0)316 22 89 80 15 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Coming to visit us?

Dear Visitors, most of our Rendez-vous take place at the Ruckerlberggasse location. Please check twice before going to the Schuetzenhof location.


Ruckerlberggasse 13, A8010 Graz:

Dpt. Engineering, Research & Development

Dpt. Opportunity, Prospect, Business Development & Initiative

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Schuetzenhofgasse 22-7, A8010 Graz:


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References & Downloads




  • A short introduction to Combustion Bay One -> Download


  • Excellence in Research and Development -> Download



  • Advanced Combustion Management, by F. Giuliani (Habilitation memorandum) -> Download
    This is a fundamental document, since Combustion Bay One e.U. is based on the strict realisation of the visions exposed in Chapter 8 "Works in progress, and perspectives of research"


  • About the role of airblast atomisation in the mechanism of combustion instabilities in liquid-fuelled gas turbines, by F. Giuliani (PhD thesis, in French) -> Download






Key articles


Advanced actuation for flame control:


F. Giuliani, A. Lang, K. J. Gradl, P. Siebenhofer and J. Fritzer (2012).
Air flow modulation for refined control of the combustion dynamics using a novel actuator.
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power




Giuliani, F. and Hennig, C. (2010)
Evaluation of active control strategies regarding airblast atomisation.
In 23rd European Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems - ILASS, Brno, Czech Republic, September 2010.
Paper 170




Advanced measurement techniques:


Fritzer, J., Strzelecki, A., Giuliani, F., Bodoc, V. (2012)
Validation of an Infrared Extinction Method for Fuel Vapor Concentration Measurements towards the Systematic Comparison between Alternative and Conventional Fuels for Aviation
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power




Giuliani, F., Leitgeb, T., and Woisetschlaeger, J. (2010)
Mapping the density fluctuations in a pulsed air-methane flame using laser-vibrometry
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 132, March 2010.


Combustion test rig:


Leitgeb, T., Giuliani, F., and Niederhammer, A. (2009)
Computer aided dimensioning and validation of a versatile test facility for combustion chambers and turbines.
In ASME Turbo Expo, Gas Turbine Technical Congress & Exposition, Orlando, FL USA.