Six years, six technologies

Combustion Bay One e.U. is six years old! 

Read through the document "6 years, 6 technologies", and get an overview of some of the most exciting topics in terms of research and development in combustion! Variable geometry, embedded optical measurement techniques, new fuels, advanced monitoring and diagnostic techniques are on the programme.


Energy Innovation 2018: New Frontiers

CBOne is present at the Symposium EnInnov 2018 on Energy Innovation at TU Graz, from the 14th to the 16th of February.

Blueprint of the pressurised combustor used in emootionBlueprint of the pressurised combustor used in the emootion project.

This year, two articles are presented:

  • The first one is the project emootion, about the combined optic-acoustic precision monitoring of a flame in continuous flow machines. We show how this miniature monitoring system, developed at first for gas turbines can be used for atmospheric burners and heavy-use applications.
  • The second topic is the project rePorT, about advanced burner design with integrated instrumentation. Instead of starting from an existing design - or conventional design - we show how a novel swirler shape was designed using additive manufacturing, and how this shape presents a lower pressure than a conventional swirler. This approach can result in significant gains in terms of weight and congestion. Combined to additional features such as the instrumentation, it simply leads towards better burners.


Our contributions are (in German):

Moosbrugger, V., Giuliani, F. and  Andracher L.
Presented by Mrs Moosbrugger from CBOne
Paulitsch, N., Giuliani, F., Andracher, L., Cozzi, D., Görtler, M.
Presented by Mrs Paulitsch from CBOne

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Fuel economy, clean energy - MethaNull

With the help of the FFG in 2012 and of the AWS in 2013, CBOne started the MethaNull programme (Towards zero Methane emissions in the atmosphere). This technology aims to burn gases with low heat contents under enhanced operation and safety conditions.

Our intention was to provide within a 3-years frame a portable technology based on pulse combustion.

We did achieve our goals.



Perfect burn of gases with low heat contents

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Joint Forces on Additive Manufacturing of Premium Parts Designed for Extreme Thermal Strains

The Research Center JOANNEUM RESEARCH, the University of Applied Sciences FH JOANNEUM and the Engineering Office specialised in advanced combustion management COMBUSTION BAY ONE join their forces and design the better burner together. CBOne is in charge of the design, FHJ is in charge of the modelling, and JR is in charge of the commissioning using additive manufacturing of metals (PBF / Powder Bed Fusion). To seal this commitment about better burners produced with additive manufacturing (AM), the three parties have signed in October 2017 a common letter of intent.


Picture of the first fire at the CBOne labs using self-designed AM parts

CBOne and JR take part in a pilot study on Additive Manufacturing using Inconel 718 (FFG contract 862837). A common publication with the participation of FHJ is planned 2018.  The figure shown is the first result of this study - shortly said it works and it works well. 

Click “read more” to see the full text of the letter of intent.

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Charlotte For Ever

(Okay– even if this is not exactly the subject -please allow me with this title to pay tribute to Charlotte Gainsbourg :)

We wish to thank the ASME and all of the organisers at the Turbo Expo for the great conference that took place last month in Charlotte, South Carolina. We presented our latest progress on advanced  combustion monitoring and innovative low-emission processes. Charlotte will remain to me one of the greatest editions of the ASME Turbo Expo, competing for the first place in my personal best-of with Barcelona 2006!

Lukas Andracher from FH Joanneum presented the joint works on the project “emotion” (GT2017-63626),
while the author of these lines (Fabrice Giuliani from CBOne) was in charge of the project “MethaNull” (GT2017-64429)

Our presence at this conference was supported by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) together with the BMVIT (Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology) in the frame of the ”TAKE-OFF” programme (Contract 850470), and by the SFG (Styrian Business Promotion Agency) in the frame of the contract Welt!Markt 1000044931. We would like to pay tribute to all parties.

In this article you find press releases, as well as the links to the article specifics and corresponding slides.