Recursive sequential Combustion: the MOeBIUS technology

CBOne proudly presents the MOeBIUS technology, which exploits the innovative principle of sequential recursive combustion. 



Sequential recursive combustion means that the burners are put right behind each other, and arranged in a closed-loop, infinitely repeating a sequential combustion process. By breathing in a significant part of the burnt gases of its predecessor, each burner gets at the same time a combination of effective fresh gases pre-heat, and of reburning, which are positive to sustain robust lean combustion, with a NOx performance augmented by the reburning effect. The key lies in the simplicity of the combustor design.

MOeBIUS stands for MOmentum-enhanced Blend with recIrculated bUrnt gases. 

While maximising the flame-flame and burnt gases-fresh gases interaction through a revolutionary architecture, MOeBIUS benefits from the latest progress in flow design, mathematics to shape, and additive manufacturing.

MOeBIUS is the future of combustion: safe, efficient, low-NOx, soot-free, ready for non-carbon eco fuels. 

This technology is being developed with the financial support of the FFG. Several patents have been filed and a demonstrator is under construction.

This concept will be published and discussed in details at the Conference ASME Turbo Expo 2021:

Giuliani F., Paulitsch N. and Hofer A. Recursive sequential combustion: a concept study about a momentum-enhanced blend of the reactants with recirculated burnt gases. In Proceedings of Turbomachinery Technical Conference & Exposition, ASME Turbo Expo 2021, Virtual Conference, and Exhibition, June 2021. GT2021-5959592.

At CBOne, we are betting that this technology is a breakthrough. If we are right, and so far so good :), nobody will ever build a burner differently. We are pioneering new rules of combustion design!