Lecture on Gas Turbine Combustion, TU Graz 2018-19

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Come and visit the lecture “Gas Turbine Combustion” LV319.004 (2SH of courses, 3 ECTS)+ UE319.005 (1SH of tutorials, 1 ECTS) at TU Graz, blocked as a seminary during the second half of January 2019.

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Better, safer, cleaner combustion

How can one drastically reduce fuel consumption? If the margin in terms of gains in efficiency at the main operation point is low (less than 5% using conventional combustion on most of the thermal facilities), the margin in terms of fuel savings at off-design operation is much greater. 

Combustion technologies can be improved. Furthermore, the operating costs of thermal facilities can be reduced while improving the safety. We tackle these affirmations with three flagship projects at CBOne: MethaNull, rePorT and emootion.


At Combustion Bay One, we own these technologies, we fine-tune these and we regularly publish our results. 

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Additive Manufacturing: The New Forge (Turbo Expo 2018)

The freedom of design using Additive Manufacturing (AM) opens the door towards new shapes and new designs. In combustion engineering, this is the opportunity to make better burners.

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CBOne was present at the ASME Turbo Expo in Oslo, Norway, from the 11th to the 15th of June 2018. In collaboration with our colleagues from Joanneum Research GmbH and FH JOanneum in Graz, Austria, we made a study about shape factors for a novel type of swirler.

Giuliani, F., Paulitsch, N., Cozzi, D., Görtler, M. and Andracher, L, 2018.
An assessment on the benefits of additive manufacturing regarding new swirler geometries for gas turbine burners.
In Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo, Lillestrøm, Norway. 

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* * Ô la Belle Bleue !!!

Ok - the original title for this article was "Successful Maiden Fire for the First Full AM-Burner Designed by CBOne!" and it was renamed after some footballistic interference during the summer. Shortly said: Bravo les Bleus, Merci pour cette deuxième étoile! That was it, back to combustion now! 

The first full 3D printed burner designed by CBOne was tested with success. 

This validates our capacity to design a complete burner fit for operation under gas turbine conditions (natural gas-fired, premixed lean combustion, two-stage with a low swirl pilot embedded in a high swirl main), with additional features versus conventional such as a monolithic form, low finishing requirements, advanced thermal management, integrated ignition and prepared instrumentation ports for an advanced monitoring.

A New World !

CBOne was present at the Smart City Expo taking place in New York, from the 7th to the 10th of May. This was the opportunity for us to speak about Green Energy and Energy Efficiency in the New World.

This New World is getting real: the 21rst Century will be seen in History as the time where Mankind decided to initiate decarbonisation. We have learned how to gain our energy from renewables. We consume energy in a more rationalised way.  However, a lot of work needs to be done to manage the transition to the post-fossil era. Therefore we need clever and innovative Engineering. And this is what we offer at CBOne. 

Existing combustion processes are perfectible. And there is a better way to use thermal facilities, so that they combine perfectly with alternative power sources, and the environmental impact is optimised.

At CBOne we master topics such as digitalisation and precision monitoring, and disruptive production methods such as Additive Manufacturing (AM). The combustion systems we work on are well designed, and smart: they will start and stop only when required, and they are adaptive so that the least environmental impact is achieved at any operation.

Read through our technology portfolio! As the hero of “America America” (Elia Kazan, 1963), we look forward discovering this New World with You!