Project crystAIr - towards intelligent combustion

Flame or no flame? That is the question.

This very simple question should quickly find an answer. And an accurate one. Safety, process control, and emissions are at stake.


Hydrogen flame by daylight 

What was verified within tenths of a second with conventional fuels must be done faster with hydrogen. Besides: hydrogen is a flame that can hardly be seen with the naked eye.

In the framework of the FFG / Take-Off 2021 call, Joanneum Research GmbH has launched a project called crystAIr on the use of artificial intelligence to better monitor a flame. Piezocryst GmbH provides the sensors and Combustion Bay One is in charge of the experiments.

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A large fireplace!

“You build your first house for your enemy, your second for your friend and your third for yourself.”

This is where we stand: we are about to build the largest hydrogen-powered fireplace in Austria!

CBOne has started consultations for the erection of a large test facility for thermal applications using new fuels.

“New fuels” refers to hydrogen and surrogates with zero CO2 balance.

The proposal is for a flexible test facility where industrial parts can be tested and fine-tuned on a 1:1 scale with these new fuels.

Please, help us make the right engineering decisions to meet your future needs by taking a few minutes to participate in the survey below:


Four technology bricks, hydrogen-ready

Four patents, ready for a newcomer named hydrogen!

Four Patents, four Key Enabling Technologies!

Combustion Bay One is an engineering office of mechanical engineering, specialised in combustion technology. 

What makes us special is innovation. We have solutions others do not have. Here are the ones for which we were granted a patent:


2012-22: Ten Years CBOne !

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As time goes by...

On 27 March 2012, a stamp struck the first page of a "new company file" in the Graz company register. After two years of preparation and nine months of incubation, Combustion Bay One e.U. officially existed. It was the end of a paperwork marathon and the beginning of a real adventure!

A few figures. Ten years. Nineteen contributors. Forty publications. Leader of five large research projects, and stand-alone in three of them. Four national patents and one international. Four exclusive technologies..., and counting!

A few funny acronyms that made it: MethaNull, emo(o)tion, rePorT, rePeaT, MOeBIUS, RingOfFire, BLUETIFUEL. And a cemetery of others that didn't: PPPiP, HuRRAA, DARDAVAL, Toxyke, BABYBOLD...

Our steps from the shores of Vancouver to the other side of the world in Shanghai, across the sands of Dubai. 


Everywhere the same simple mission:

to offer better combustion.


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A Future Named Hydrogen

Click the picture and see our own H2-technologies

CBOne's readiness for hydrogen combustion

It took us time to write this title. We needed time indeed to get convinced. We went through the process. We manipulated hydrogen combustion. Now we are sure: hydrogen is the future of combustion. A bright future.

Why did it take us so long?


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